About Suncoast STEAM

The Suncoast STEAM program is a tuition-free public charter school for grades 6-12. Suncoast STEAM’s mission is to create links to educational options for students in the community in order to nurture well-balanced, creative, and reflective leaders for the 21st century. With college prep as a focus, the Suncoast STEAM program provides students with an academically rigorous Common Core Standards-based curriculum that is integrated with science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

Students participate in direct instruction as well as project-based learning activities, such as Robotics, Science Fair, Math Counts, and Junior Model United Nations.

The Suncoast STEAM School-wide Learning Expectations

i – Innovation and creativity (The heart of Suncoast STEAM)

P – Productive and Self-Directed Learners

R – Responsible and Ethical citizens

I – Independent Thinkers and Workers

D – Decision Makers and Problem Solvers

E – Effective Communicators


In keeping with the pursuit of 21st century Skills, Suncoast STEAM learning activities promote the four Cs, which include:

  • Collaboration—geography projects, robot building, and debates
  • Creativity—art projects, class presentations, essay contests, and robotics design
  • Communication—enriched in language practice in real-life settings as well as in production of the robotics website and flyers
  • Critical Thinking—developed via Science Fair, Junior Model United Nations, Robotics problem solving, and Youth Town Meeting work.