Both middle and high school students participate in (and win!) local, state, and nationwide competitions throughout the year, including:

WorldLink Youth Town Meeting:

High school students join with schools from all over San Diego to discuss international affairs with leading experts. A theme is chosen and students address five main topics: social, economic, environment, policy, and technology around that theme. Students gain invaluable information and experience, and have a platform for sharing their unique perspectives and ideas.

State and National Geography Bees:

Organized by the National Geographic Society, this competition is just for middle school students. Suncoast STEAM first holds a school-wide competition to determine which students go to the state competition. Winners from that then move on to the national competition. Prizes include college scholarships and cash.

San Diego Science Fair:

Suncoast STEAM students have the privilege of being mentored by college students, as they conduct and complete science projects that are displayed at the SD Science Fair in Balboa Park every spring.

Junior Model United Nations:

Middle school students learn how to debate, compromise, resolve conflicts, and negotiate as they form a school team that represents a country in the United Nations. Awards are highly prestigious and sought after by students.

Perennial Math:

This middle and high school competition is based on math skills using pure math and logic. Students take two tests and receive individual or team awards by grade level.

San Diego Library Essay Contest:

Students in grades 8 and 10 submit an essay demonstrating their writing skills. Winners are selected and could receive cash or other prizes.

County Spelling Bee:

Qualifying Suncoast STEAM students participate in the annual San Diego Countywide spelling bee.

The Great Kindness Challenge (2017):

The Suncoast STEAM student council participated in the “Kind Coins for Pakistan” project, a global service project that helped build a new school and peace center in Pakistan.

First Robotics Competition:

Teams are given six weeks to build a robot with certain complex capabilities to carry out tasks for the designated game. They compete in a variety of regional competitions against local, state, national and international teams.