Most students participate in extra-curricular activities that take place after school hours, which include:

NuBotX Robotics Team:

Under the mentoring of Dr. James Jaurez of the NU School of Engineering and Computing, this group gets together to prepare for the First Robotics Competition in San Diego by building a robot capable of complex tasks. With a passion for engineering and computer science, the team participates in other events throughout the year as well, allowing them to showcase their skills, learn from mentors, and get the community excited and involved in robotics. Learn more about the exciting things the team is working on: http://www.nubotx.com/home/

After-school Language:

Many of our students are multilingual, and enjoy coming together to study and practice world languages, including English, Arabic, and European and non-European languages.

Student Council:

Students get together to discuss ideas, meet with the program director to bring up student issues, and organize school-wide activities.  

Photography Club:

All students are welcome to join this club to learn and practice the art of photography. Students will contribute photos to the monthly student newsletter.


Under the coaching of athletic director, Tim Shelton, middle and high school boys and girls can participate in cross country, basketball, and track and field.
For more info, please visit the Athletics page at Suncoast STEAM Academy.

After-school Tutoring:

Students can meet with other students for tutoring and assistance with coursework. Oftentimes, high school students will volunteer to tutor middle school students.