Instructional Models

Curriculum is delivered via a blended/balanced model, consisting of direct instruction, learning in groups, and project-based learning activities that foster 21st century skills. The result is that students learn to apply knowledge and solve real-world problems with technology as a key component in all courses.

More about what students learn:

World Languages

Students are encouraged to study a European and a non-European foreign language.  Many students have the richness of experiencing four languages: their home language, English, Arabic, and another language of their choice.

Science and Math

Science and math classes are supported and enriched via hands-on activities and projects, tutoring, Science Fair, and Robotics.

English Language Arts

English studies are enhanced with plays, debates, essay writing, vocabulary development, and art.


As an independent study program, Suncoast STEAM gives students the option to attend classes Monday through Thursday, and then study as they wish on Fridays. Most Suncoast STEAM students attend classes in-person as it allows the opportunity to collaborate with peers, meet with their teachers face-to-face, and conduct hands-on learning projects in the robotics lab.

Suncoast STEAM students are culturally diverse and bring unique perspectives to the classroom. Students are here because they genuinely have an interest and desire to learn and succeed in school. Students are held to a very high behavioral standard, and classes provide a safe, welcoming environment for all students.

Students and mentors may use the following digital tools to connect academics to hands-on learning experiences:

  • Solidworks (3D design/math)
  • LabVIEW (programming/math)
  • Adobe Illustrator (art and design)
  • Adobe After Effects (video F/X)
  • Adobe Premiere (video)
  • Arduino (microcontrollers)
  • C++ (programming)