Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Suncoast STEAM provides an engaging education for middle school students, combining classroom learning with opportunities to build, create, and innovate. Students learn core subjects with a focus on developing 21st-century skills.

Core Classes:

6th Grade:

  •      English
  •      Math
  •      Earth Science
  •      Ancient History

7th Grade:

  •      English
  •      Math
  •      Life Science
  •      Medieval History

8th Grade:

  •      English
  •      Math
  •      Physical Science
  •      U.S. History


  •     Art
  •     Physical Education
  •     Computer Literacy
  •     Coding
  •     Study Skills
  •     Career Explorations

Middle school students can participate in extra-curricular activities and county-wide competitions. There is never a dull moment at Suncoast STEAM, as students are continually challenged to think critically and creatively, and bring new ideas to the classroom.


  •      STEAM DAYS
  •      Spelling Bee
  •      Geography Bee
  •      Middle School Debates
  •      Junior Model United Nations
  •      Math Competitions

Middle School Sports:

  •    Cross Country
  •    Basketball
  •    Volleyball