Why Suncoast STEAM

Here are the top 10 reasons to choose the Suncoast STEAM program:

  1. Suncoast STEAM provides students and families with a safe, welcoming learning environment, rich in diversity and inclusive of all cultures.
  2. Coursework is challenging, yet also engaging and fun, and allows students to explore their passion for innovation and discovery.
  3. The program offers a range of extra-curricular activities—robotics, language clubs, sports, photography club, and more. Plus, students attend field trips, open house, and fun picnics.
  4. We’re kind of a big deal—Suncoast STEAM students compete (and win) in some of the most ambitious competitions in the county, including the San Diego science fair, library essay contest, geography bee, Jr. Model United Nations, and much more.
  5. Students get into college. Suncoast STEAM offers University of California a-g and AP® classes for high school students. Most of our students move on to a four-year university or community college.
  6. The school’s guidance counselor is available to assist students with managing their studies and supporting their college goals—from providing SAT-prep guidance to assistance with college applications.
  7. Member of San Diego CIF organization for sports programs.
  8. Students typically attend class Monday through Thursday and then study at home on Fridays. However, the program also offers an independent study format so that students who need a more flexible academic schedule have the option to attend classes in-person, online, or both.
  9. Suncoast STEAM has high standards of conduct for students, which means very little to no disruption and a focus on fun and learning.
  10. Parents and students love Suncoast STEAM—here’s what some have to say:


            “This program is a blessing for my daughter and my family.”

    – Parent of 11th grader


            “The Suncoast STEAM program is a very empowering and motivational program. I think it will set me up for a bright future.”

            – Ismail, grade 10